Facial treatment with CASMARA peel off facial masks

casmara mask
Would you like to remove quickly tired signs, eye circles, fine wrinkles and have a flawless skin? Bia Sun Studio shows you the Casmara peel-off facial masks.

Discover the boundless beauty!

The Casmara Cosmetics brand is used in the most luxurious beauty salons and spa centers, and now you can find it at Bia Sun Studio too.

Unique and special, colored and spectacular with a fine texture and nice fragrance the plasticizer facial masks are number one in the world.

They are the ideal products for all skin types with a strong anti-wrinkle effect, having the ability to act in the most sensitive areas. They are easily applied covering also the eyes and lips areas, where most needed and nothing else works.

Casmara Algae Peel-off Facial Masks are made up of seaweed extract (algin) and natural ingredients such as: oat, oranges, flax, aloe, fennel, poppy seeds, kiwi, green tea, goji, soybeans, etc.

Casmara plasticizer facial masks are super moisturizing, decongestant, fortified, revitalizing, detoxifying, emollient, anti-wrinkle, soothing, re-toning, anti-aging, regenerative, five degrees colder than the temperature of the skin and they work on the most sensitive skin.
Casmara mask is a more practical and comfortable product thanks to single-dose pack (one powder sachet and one gel sachet) which allows specialists the ideal application and dosage for each client.

It is also a hygienic method, offering all the necessary guarantees for an efficient application anytime so that you enjoy their quality and of course take full advantage of pampering and relaxation time.

Extra benefit: After removing the plasticizer mask, it can be reapplied at home the next day, allowing you to benefit from another facial treatment with no extra cost!


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