Bia Sun Studio body remodelling beauty salon and artificial tanning studio created especially for you, to give you real solutions, non-invasive, to your silhouette problems, weight loss programs,  centimeters slimming,  successfully treating cellulite, anti-aging treatments for hydration, toning, facial and body lifting, massage.

Our salon features the latest technical innovations and the best equipment launched on the international market, thus obtaining outstanding results with maximum comfort.

The ambience at Bia Sun Studio is a special one, combining music,  enchanting SPA flavors that will make you feel unforgettable moments of relaxation. Bia Sun Studio offers personalized service to every customer, professional cosmetics with innovative formulation, free diagnostic, monitoring parameters periodically.

Our targeted customers:

Our clients are active, demanding people, who value image. We address persons always in counterpoint, to those who want a spectacular figure, and to all those who want a great shape.
Starting from this premise we have created subscriptions and customized packages, weekly and monthly specials for guaranteed results!