Body peeling

This oriental ritual of cleansing and intense hydration uses alum salt, honey, royal jelly and sweet almond oil – Product / process / effect 100% natural!

Salt alum is obtained from alaun stone, consisting of minerals extracted from Tunisia. Astringent and antiseptic effects of alum have been recognized for thousands of years. Regulates skin secretions, restores firmness and soothes irritation.

Due to its action to close the pores, use after strong peelings, after extraction and after waxing treatments.


  • Refreshing the entire body with distilled water of orange blossom or rose, for stress relief and relaxation;
  • Making peeling alum salt enriched with honey, royal jelly and sweet almond oil. Besides the mechanical action of exfoliation, alum has revitalizing properties, antiseptic and restores skin firmness. We get a vivid hydration, nourishment and softness. Ideal for sensitive skin exfoliation.
  • The exfoliation is carried out for 15 minutes to wet skin, and then cover with foil and left to act for a further 15 minutes.
  • At the end of the peeling, refreshing is repeated with distilled water from orange blossom or rose.

CLEOPATRA’s ritual, now also available at Bia Sun Studio !

How many of us have wondered what were the ingredients of Cleopatra’s beauty secret?
Cleopatra’s charm was not due so its perfect beauty, and especially the science of using ingredients and special techniques to enhance its sensuality.

One of her favorite rituals was the treatment using ingredients such as honey, royal jelly, argan oil, which is an ideal treatment for skin elasticity and brightness, having at the same time, a strong smoothing effect.
Like any ritual, the peeling involves detachment from everyday condition and entering a sacred space, for embellishment of body and spirit. Therefore, the translation from the mundane to the sacred involves a rite of passage and a purification performed with orange blossom water. Besides the cleaning function, this stage was equivalent to a stress relieving ritual.

Along with a relaxing body one could achieve, thanks to the calming effect of the fragrance of orange blossom, and calming the spirit that was so preparing for sacred beauty trip.
The relaxing and refreshing water from the flowers of oranges is assisted by the cleaning action of scrub.

Revived and protected, the body is able to return in the middle of its subjects while the spirit went through cosmetic ritual to be able to meet the challenges of the day.


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