Relaxation massage with lavander oil or orange and cinnamon

The relaxation massage helps eliminate the toxins from the human body and causes a state of total and profound relaxation, improving the lymphatic and blood circulation.

Generally, the relaxation massage has an anti-stress effect.

The relaxation massage  is recommended to all the persons regardless of age and gender: adults, children, babies, adolescents.

The relaxation massage offers a non-invasive approach based on the natural and human ability of the body to heal.

Here are some of the benefits of the relaxation massage:

  • intensifies circulation, and the body supplies more oxygen and nutritional substances in tissues and vital organs;
  • stimulates the lymphatic flow, the natural defense system of the body, against toxic invaders;relaxes the hurt and over-strained;
  • reduces spasms and cramps;
  • increases the flexibility of articulations;
  • sets the endorphins free  (natural painkillers of the body ) – the massage is used in chronic diseases and in recovery after damages but also following surgical interventions to control and calm down the pain;
  • improves flexibility and decreases discomfort in case of patients suffering from minor back pains;
  • calms the pain of people suffering from headaches and diminishes the probability of needing medicine;
  • improves depression and anxiety.

Duration : 30’ , 50’


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