Volcanic rock body massage “Aroma Stone Therapy Massage”

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“Aroma Stone Therapy Massage” is one of the most famous and highly rated massage therapies practiced in clinics, beauty, massage and spa centers all over the world, mainly due to its extraordinary effects.

“Aroma Stone Therapy Massage”, improperly called “Hot Stone Massage”, is one of the ancient therapeutic techniques for relaxation, balancing energy and detoxification, being known in specialized clinics as Geothermal Therapy.

We believe that “Aroma Stone Therapy Massage” is a SPA Signature therapy, due to both the performed techniques and component elements: water, stone, attractive scents of aromatic oils, and heat generated by rocks.

SPA defines a concept of physical and spiritual cleansing by water therapy (according to the Latin phrase “Sanitas per Aquam”), “Aroma Stone Therapy Massage” defining thus this ancient philosophy.

The Benefits of hot volcanic rock body massage

  • detoxifies the body by removing toxins from the skin and improves blood and lymphatic system activity
  • improves osteoarticular diseases
  • reduces acute or chronic pain and muscle spasms
  • accelerates the oxygen uptake at cellular level and the metabolic rate
  • improves kidneys function
  • helps edema disappear
  • the application of hot stones in the opposite side of the affected area attracts blood flow from there, reducing tension in that body part

Volcanic rocks store a greater amount of beneficial energy which is delivered during the massage to the entire body, up to cell level, through energy meridians, and this way the negative energy accumulated inside the body over time is neutralized, stress is removed and the body energy balance and harmony restored.

How does the hot volcanic rock body massage work?

Hot stone massage was invented in the early 90s by Mary Hannigan. This therapist, originally from Tucson, Arizona, trademarked her style, called LaStone Therapy, but most SPAs and therapists from all over the world apply this therapy in their own vision.

Hot volcanic rock therapy is based on the fact that on the human body there are certain energy channels called meridians and energy centers called chakras. The 7 main chakras are on the midline of the body along the spine and are connected with certain organs and body functions. Therefore, one of the defining concepts of this therapy is that of the heated stones settlement in the seven energy points.

According to “LaStone” technique, the hot volcanic rock body massage is centripetally performed, from the periphery to the center, like the Swedish Classic Massage, after a preliminary warming of the affected area, using smooth stones adapted to it. There are used round stones for back and members areas, and smoother small stones for neck and cervical spine.

Basalt stones have a high iron and magnesium content, accumulating this way more heat which is dispersed for a longer time. Stones work where the body needs. If stones lose heat faster in a particular area, it means that there is an imbalance in that area, and when the body begins to function normally, constant temperature of stones increases blood circulation, nutrition and metabolic processes at the cellular level. When skin blood flow increases, the detoxification process of the liver and kidneys increases too, creating body balance.

The therapist can lay heated stones along the spine, in hands or between toes in order to improve the energy flow inside the body, stimulating this way blood and lymphatic circulation, body capacity of regeneration and recovery after exercise or injury.

“Aroma Stone Therapy Massage” warms the skin, allowing a better absorption of the massage oil. Massage can be applied to a single part of the body or to the entire body and it can also speed healing of articulation diseases or stress and fatigue.

Contraindications:  High blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy


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