Every client is special to us!

You are our client and we want to reward your loyalty. We want to show you how special you are by giving you all the consideration you deserve and by surpassing your expectations with the care and dedication of professionals to whom your well being matters.

We like to reward your desire to return to us and to enjoy unique experience with our team, by inviting you to be a Bia Sun Club member.

How can you become a Bia Sun Club member?

You can acquire this status:

  • buying a minimum subscription of minimum 12 SPA sessions
  • accumulating at least 250 minutes of tanning

This way you will become a member of our club and you get a loyalty card.

What benefits can you enjoy?

  • Opportunity to be recognized in all our locations
  • Priority in any desired appointment
  • Discounts on Spa maintenance treatment
  • Special bonus and vouchers
  • Birthday special offers