Lipomassage with LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab device

Benefits of Lipomassage with LPG Cellu M6 Endermolab device

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Indications of LPG lipomassage:

  • elimination of adipose tissue ( stubborn fat )
  • all forms of cellulite
  • cutaneous relaxation
  • body remodelling
  • water retention – “heavy legs”
  • double chin

Lipomassage for men is very effective for hips, abdomen, chest!

The modules are adapted morphologically, we can now also treat previously inaccessible areas such as tissue lacking firmness and sagging skin of the arms, interior of thighs, “banana”.

LPG body treatments types :

  • anticellulite treatment  reduces fat deposits, cellulite and redensifies the skin 
  • firmness and body remodelling treatment – redensifies skin profoundly by activating the collagen and elastin production
  • drainage treatment(indicated also for aqueous cellulite) – actively stimulates drainage and reduces cellulite
  • drainage treatment – light legs – accelerates blood circulation and provides an immediate effect of  good sensation and comfort

  • android lipomassage treatment ( abdomen, back and arms) -slims upper body and profound fat deposits
  •  gynoid lipomassage treatment  (thighs, buttocks and legs) – reduces fat, slims thighs and reduces cellulite
  •  total care lipomassage treatment   reduces difficultfat deposits from upper and lower body, reduces orange peel effect and restructures the skin

How does the LPG Lipomassage work :

Following the diagnosis made by the therapist and  according with the  client’s  objectives a treatment program is decided.  For each session the client is dressed in a white and clingy suit, made of thin cotton. The treatment is perfectly hygienic, dry, comfortable and very pleasant. A LPG body session lasts about 35 minutes.

For the body, the device has three types of independent motorized rollers, allowing the system to act on the tissue in both directions.
1. Roll in – for SLIMMING (fibrous cellulite and fat deep) triggers lipolysis (fat removal) of adipocytes (fat cells).

2. Roll out – for FIRMNESS (tone and microcirculation). Stimulates fibroblasts, strengthening the support network of collagen and elastin fibers for a toned, firm skin.
3. Roll up – for REMODELLING (cellulite, contouring, extra skin). Disrupts fat deposited unevenly, stretches the skin, eliminating the appearance of orange peel.

Do not forget to generally drink plenty of fluids  but particularly during the treatment to facilitate removal of toxins in the dermis and hypodermis discharged as a consequence of the lipomassage treatment.
Visible results appear after about 6-12 sessions. Depending upon the cell type it is recommended that have at least 12 sessions 2-3 times a week. After getting the desired result, maintenance treatments are required, one or two per month
Cellulite Treatment should be viewed as a way of life – similar to hair care or nail care – something that has to be done from time to time for our health and our appearance.
Endermology lipomassage  is not an intensive slimming treatment! By this treatment, body weight does not decrease by more than 1-3 kg and inches that are lost are the result of body remodelling. For low intensity we recommend adequate food and association with other treatments offered by Bia Sun Studio.

You can get spectacular results by associating treatments at Bia Sun Studio !


LPG lipomassage contraindications :

  • Cancer
  • Infections or skin sores, skin diseases
  • Prolonged treatment with corticoid, anti-coagulants
  • Blood diseases
  • Any progressive inflammatory disorder
  • Pregnancy
  • Phlebitis, varicose veins, lipoma, moles, piercing – these areas must be avoided
  • Liposuction <6 months
  • Diabetes or AIDS
  • We present below pictures from before and after the LPG lipomassage  treatment :


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