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Impachetari Bruno Vassari
Bruno Vassari treatment has immediate effects, it is recommended to be included in treatments of intensive slimming due to spectacular results. It can also be made as a 10 sessions shock treatment for fast weight loss.

It’s recommended to be performed twice a week for a month and a half. After the first session, we can see that 1cm-4cm have been lost in the waistline and 0.5-2cm on the hips.

Packaging is done with a hydro-alcoholic toner (Ederalis) used as a decongestant and tonic treatment.

Benefits of Fast Slim – Bruno Vassari Wraps:

  • Reduces excess fat and cellulite.
  • Decongests adipose tissue, increases blood circulation thus avoiding small blood vessels atrophy causing fat deposits.
  • Treats circulatory problems and their consequences (tired legs and cellulite appearance).

Ederalis contains the following active substances:

  • Marine algae and ivy extract: melts fat tissue, accelerating its elimination
  • Hamamelis (with hazel) extract: soothing
  • Hypothermic agent: it reduces the body temperature, so that the body reacts by activating its circulation to counter balance the difference
  • Camphor: anti-inflammatory and stimulation of blood circulation effect
  • This treatment can be used for many problems: anti-cellulite, legs problems, vein varix, intensive slimming

How does Fast Slim Wraps work?

ATTENTION ! The combination of warm-cold thermo effects causes the sensation of cold. Do not get scared ! This is the normal effect of any warm-cold treatment and has a consequence of compacting the tissue (reducing the number of centimeters, the circumference) and burning a high number of calories.
The treatment has to be interrupted in case of reaction any of the ingredients of the used products !

Contraindications :

  • Cardiac diseases, arterial hypertension
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, menstruation
  • Varicose ulcer, skin diseases
  • People with open wounds or surgery more recent than 3 months


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the body wraps?

Body wraps are procedures that have as results the elimination of the liquids and toxins excess, the weight loss, with strong anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks and even anti-wrinkle effects.

Why are they called “cold body wraps”?

Cold body wraps are named so because the application of the thermal blanket is not necessary to activate the applied products, these being made at room temperature.

Which are the effects of cold body wraps?

Fast Slim treatment is the most efficient anti-cellulite, fast weight loss (melting of the adipose tissue and cellulite nodules) and toning treatment. The therapy has multiple effects: anti-cellulite, anti-adipose (slimming), tightness (reducing girth), toning, remodeling, anti-stretch marks, detoxification. The results can be observed even from the first body wrap, but they become convincing after a consequent and correct use of the treatment for 2-3 weeks, about 4 body wraps a week..

Which are the contraindications of the body wraps?

Pregnancy, menstrual period, pathological changes, fever, tumors, high blood pressure, heat sensitivity, varicose veins, respiratory disorders and diabetes..

What is wine therapy that underlies the Bruno Vassari body wraps?

Wine therapy was specifically created to combine the beneficial effects of the seaweed with those of the polyphenols from grapes. This therapy uses the assets contained in the skin, seeds, juice and stems of grapes. Various treatments are prepared from grapes, from body wrap cream to massage scrub and oil. The antioxidant proprieties of grapes detoxify the body and the skin, combating free radicals action.

How often must the body wraps be made?

2-3 body wraps a week are necessary during the attack phase. 1 session a week is recommended for maintaining the results. For cold body wraps, there are recommended maximum 2 a week.

Are there necessary maintenance treatments?

Once achieved, the results must be maintained. It is recommended 1 body wrap a week.

What type of body wraps can the persons with capillary fragility make?

The persons with capillary fragility can make Fast Slim cold body wraps or all heat body wraps, but made at room temperature, not using the thermal blanket and increasing treatment time.


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