Heat wraps (thermocover)

Wraps are procedures that result in the elimination of excess fluids and toxins, a slimming in the periphery and in kilograms, with strong effects against cellulite, stretch marks and even wrinkles.

Most modern and effective cellulite wraps are found at Bia Sun Studio in Ploiesti.

At Bia Sun Studio you can benefit from anticellulite wraps with different active creams and bio-gels, on all the body surface and certain localized areas, depending on the desired results.


Thalgo body treatments  100% natural harmoniously combine organic herbal extracts and seaweed delicate textures. All these come to meet the complex demands of modern women by introducing, in the actual slimming treatments, relaxing, feeding and hydration of the skin, detoxification, drainage, cellular oxygenation, lifting and anti-aging elements, an all in one treatment whose ultimate goal is a slim silhouette and perfectly reshaped, a smooth and firm skin, energy and good mood.

Thalgo anticellulite wraps with micronized algae     

Seaweed, component of this type of  wrap, “melts” fat and improves skin tonicity. The appearance of “orange peel” disappears, the skin is leveled, smooth and bright. Excellent for a drastic decrease in circumference.



Impachetari Bruno Vassari
Vigna del Mar gel wraps- Bruno Vassari

The grapes and marine algae extract wraps are designed for weight loss, slimming, anticellulite and anti-aging treatment. It is very easy to use and it does not need a shower after the treatment. It can be used for all skin types, especially those with fluid retention  (edematous cellulite) and compact cellulite.

Peel-off Miracolo di Vino wraps-Bruno Vassari

Miracolo di Vino is a plastic mask based on alginic acids,  with an anticellulite and lipolitic effect, easy to apply and which does not have to be removed by using the shower after the use. Excepting the beneficial effects of the algae, it contains grapes extract which has a slimming effect and is also anti-age.

  • Lipolitic effect: a component of the formula, it is well-known as one of the active principles with the highest lipolitic effect ; its action, along with the one of the  iodine from the algae, favors the lipid degradation.
  • Elimination of dead skin: marine oligoelements, along with the horsetail extract, stimulates the peripherical blood circulation and favors the elimination of dead cells from the skin surface.
  • The absorption capacity: kaolin has a high capacity of absorption of fat and sweat secreted by the skin.

Cataplasm di Bacco wraps – Bruno Vassari

Body mass with algae and polyphenols from grapes act on multiple levels :

  • Combines the action of slimming ( “melt” of fat ) of the algae with the anti-aging one from the grapes extract;
  • Eliminates toxins and supplies all the active substances from the algae to the skin;
  • Activates blood circulation and eliminates liquids retention by the body;
  • Acts on different types of cellulite, especially on the one which is advanced, more painful and related to the lymphatic and circulatory problems.

Frequently asked questions

What are the body wraps?

Body wraps are procedures that have as results the elimination of the liquids and toxins excess, the weight loss, with strong anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks and even anti-wrinkle effects.

What is a thermal blanket?

The thermal blanket is a new technique of eliminating the liquids from tissue, thus leading to a better blood flow in the dermis, an improved activity at the cellular level, the weight loss and cellulite reduction. The procedure is an alternative to sauna and it is recommended for persons who cannot stand high temperatures in sauna.

The thermal blanket is in fact a local sauna that reaches very high temperatures (85ºC), the procedure leading to a very fast melting of the adipose tissue, the significant increase of cell metabolism and the rapid girth reduction.

Why are they called “Heat body wraps”?

Heat body wraps are named so because their effects are increased by the temperature generated by a thermal blanket.

Which are the effects of heat body wraps?

The benefits of heat body wraps include:

  • body detox and fat loss
  • radical wellness improvement
  • reduction of hydrosaline retention
  • anti-stretch marks effect
  • anti-stretch marks effect
  • increase perspiration and diuresis
  • enhance blood flow
  • improve skin’s appearance, giving firmness and eliminating the appearance of orange peel

Can heat body wraps be made at room temperature?

Yes. The persons who cannot stand heat or suffer from capillary fragility can have heat body wraps made increasing the treatment time (the procedure is made without using the thermal blanket).

Which are the contraindications of the body wraps?

2-3 body wraps a week are necessary during the attack phase. 1 session a week is recommended for maintaining the results.

For cold body wraps, there are recommended maximum 2 a week.


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