For the face, the procedure called Endermolift represents the secret to a firm and younger skin!

LPG facial treatment types :

  • glow treatment – it stimulates the tarnished skin, caused by stress, smoking, etc., through skin regeneration
  • eye area lifting treatment- reduces wrinkles from the eye area, eliminates dark circles, puffiness
  • collagen activation treatment- remodels and redefines facial contour, tones the skin by profound redensification
  • anti-wrinkle treatment-aims each wrinkle, fills them naturally from the insider, reduces the nasal-labial crease
  • double chin treatment, facial contour slimming – reduces double chin and the inferior part of the face
  • treatment for facial regeneration and non-surgical lifting – complete facial anti-wrinkle treatment neck and cleavage

Benefits of LPG Endermolift treatment

After the age of 25, young cells (fibroblasts) reduce their collagen and elastin production. The skin loses its density and aging signs appear, just as wrinkles, loss of the face’s oval and the tarnished aspect. Worldwide, numerous studies have shown that LPG Endermolift which despite its intensity, is a very pleasant procedure, reactivates the production of collagen and elastin and right after the first session you will see a major difference.

The skin is redensified and more toned, the wrinkles are smoother and the natural luminosity is restored !

Endermolift is recommended to men also, in the case of skin elasticity loss, wrinkles, double chin, facial contour.

Indications of LPG Endermolift:

  • wrinkles reduction  and also of fine lines
  • lymphatic drainage – eliminates puffiness, dark circles
  • non-surgical lifting
  • anti-aging
  • restores luminosity
  • restores facial contours
  • eliminates the double chin
  • cellular regeneration

How does LPG Endermolift work?

Endermolift treatments are customized for each client and accomplished by a therapist-a true doctor in beauty, who will make everything to obtain a state of good feeling and comfort.  Facial Endermolift treatment is done with the help of special flaps mechanically stimulating the fibroplasts, just like a fitness session does to the skin, to offer more density to the area tissues of the face, neck and cleavage.

Depending on chosen treatment, the LPG sessions last 15’, 20’ , 30’or 40’. Results are visible right after just a few treatment sessions, and after 10-12 sessions, some majeur changes are visible. After the wanted result, some upkeep sessions are necessary, one or two per month. Other than the efficient results regarding the skin aspect, LPG Endermolift produces a pleasant effect of relaxation, stimulates the neurovegetative nervous system and diminishes the stress state, living the treatment sessions as true relaxation moments.

The Endermolift treatment is non-invasive, 100% natural, it does not affect the skin !

LPG Endermolift contraindications: herpes, vitiligo, acne ( inflammatory and infectious stages )

Does LPG Endermology work?

YES! There are numerous studies conducted in the USA (UCLS, Vanderbilt University, etc) as well as in many european universities and they confirm the efficiency of Endermology and Cellu M6. For more information on this subject, please visit the LPG - .

These studies allowed the LPG producer to obtain the FDA authorization for reducing temporary cellulite – it is the only device in the world with this certification.

You may find below the picture with the face aspect before and after:


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