Are you looking for a special gift but have no time for shopping? Are you in a hurry or you have no idea about what present to buy for a loved one?

Choose a Voucher from BIASUN STUDIO! Simple, efficient, elegant, unforgetable.




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Choose a tanning subscription and get an exclusive SPA Voucher

  • 20 Lei for a type II subscription
  • 30 Lei for a type III subscription
  • 50 Leifor a type  IV subscription
  • Type I – 60 minutes – 100 Lei / 1 month validity
  • Type II – 100 minute + 20 Lei SPA Gift Voucher – 150 Lei / 2 months validity
  • Type III – 150 minute + 30 Lei SPA Gift Voucher – 220 Lei / 3 months validity
  • Type IV – 250 minute + 50 Lei SPA Gift Voucher – 340 Lei / 6 months validity


What is the validity for a gift voucher?

Standard gift vouchers have a 6 months validity, except certain promotional vouchers for which another validity is speciffied.

Can I use the voucher for other services than the ones mentioned on it?

On request, the services can be exchanged for others that have the same value, or you can pay for the differnce if neccessary.

Can the voucher be used buy another person than initially intended?

Yes, the voucher can be passed to another person if the initial beneficiary can not use it.

How do I make an appointment with a voucher?

You can make an appointment by phone, e-mail or directly at our front desk.

How can I buy a voucher?

A gift voucher can pe acquired from our reception desk on the spot.

Can I use the Voucher for treatments?

Yes, you can buy any treatment as a Voucher.

If I want to order vouchers for a corporate client or as benefits for their employees, can you personalize the vouchers with the company logo?

Yes, for corporate vouchers we can provide a special print as agreed with the corporate customer.