Body diagnosis with Tanita device

Diagnosticare corporala cu aparatul Tanita

At our center, you benefit from professional diagnosis before beginning any treatment for body reshaping. Our therapists, following the body and facial diagnosis, recommend customized treatment therapies drawing up therapy diagram according to your wishes. This diagnosis is carried out in several steps necessary for the correct and appropriate recommendation for you.

In the struggle with cellulite, the first and perhaps one of the most important steps is the correct diagnosis of the type of cellulite. It is an essential element according to which it can later determine the type of treatment and therapies used to eradicate cellulite.

About Cell Meter

Cell Meter is based on a sensory system to detect thermal aspects of cellulite that works on the principle of diagnosis during heat  combined with the wave effect (ripple effect).

  • Recommendation of personal treatment plan for you to get the desired result. Evaluation by lipoanalysis, measurements in centimeters and cellulite test periodically done throughout therapy.
  • Initial and periodic measurements to get a more complete picture o the goals and an exact evaluation of the results.

Detals of the body analyser TANITA

Diagnosticare corporala cu aparatul Tanita

Tanita is the world leader in body mass weighing and measuring equipment. The device uses the BIA method, the bioelectrical impedance analysis method.

This device for monitoring body mass with the index of visceral fat performs:

Measurements concerning the whole body:

  • Weight
  • Body mass index
  • Body fat evaluated as a percentage from the total weight (%), as well as quantity, as fat mass
  • Visceral fat
  • Fat-free mass
  • Muscle mass
  • Total body water evaluated in percentage (%), as well as in quantity  (kg)
  • Basic metabolic rate – evaluation of the daily calories the body needs to maintain current parameters
  • Target ranges
  • Indicator of bone mineral mass


Segmential measurements :

  • Calculated body fat percentage by segment (each hand, each leg and trunk)
  • Distribution segments of fat mass
  • Fat-free mass distribution segments
  • Muscle mass segments
  • Impedance segments
  • Ideal measurements

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