For the regeneration of all skin types it is shown that electrical stimulation accelerates tissue repair and regeneration of cells to up to 60%.

ultratone facial

Ultratone Futura Pro facial treatment types:

  • non-surgical lifting
  • profound muscle toning
  • ultrasounds
  • microcurrents

Benefits of Ultratone Futura Pro facial treatments

Since 1963, when the team launched its first Ultratone product for facial stimulation, there was concern for creating anti-aging, lifting and toning equipment. Based on this research, the principle of toning facial muscles has been used both in the field of cosmetic medicine and rehabilitation (facial paralysis).

The results of medical research have enabled Ultratone devices manufacturers to improve facial treatments devices using frequencies and contraction times closer to those of the body.

Also, the various programs run by Ultratone reduce fine lines by migrating collagen in certain areas, accelerates skin rejuvenation, remove toxins through double action to improve circulation and reduce bacteria.

Indications of Ultratone Futura Pro facial bio-stimulation:

  • Non-surgical facial lifting
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Anti-aging
  • Muscle toning
  • Drainage
  • Massage
  • Blood circulation

How does the Ultratone Futura Pro facial bio-stimulation work?

After the diagnosis is decided by the therapist and in accordance with the client’s pursued objectives, a work program  using Ultratone device is created.

Treatment programs are customized, depending on the desired target and are different for men and women (programs for women have signals, common and different parameters from those for men). The technique consists of applying a set of  optical facial electrodes after preset diagrams that will deliver different signals in the treated area to obtain the desired results.

Facial stimulation parameters can be adjusted according to your skin type and its layout to meet the needs of all customers. Such treatments are non-invasive for the body. The duration of one facial is of 15’.

The Ultratone Futura Pro device allows simultaneous treatment of the face and body in the same treatment. Because bio-stimulation of the body is longer than the facial, it is recommended to start the program for the body followed by the facial one.

Bio-stimulation does not involve stress or fatigue, it relaxes during the entire procedure! During the treatment, natural endorphins are released inducing a feel good state. Following the bio-stimulation, the body becomes firmer, toned and looks good, but the most important benefit is the increase in energy and fatigue resistance. Bio-stimulation is as effective as massage therapy, stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins during diets.


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